Keg Rentals

Kegs Available in Three Sizes

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about Wild Rose keg rentals:

  • Kegs are only available when booked in advance – please call us first to arrange (403-727-5451).
  • Kegs are available in three sizes:
    • 58.6L = approx. 170 bottles | $275* ( GST not incl.)
    • 29.3L = approx. 85 bottles | $175.00* ( GST not incl.)
    • 29.3L Seasonal = approx. 85 bottles  | $185.00* ( GST not incl.)
    • Party Pigs = 8.5L  | $55.00 ( plus a $40 deposit)
  • Yes, all of our beer (except Seasonal Releases) are available in a keg.  Click here for our different beer styles.
  • $100 refundable deposit (cash or credit card) and photo ID (driver's license) are required for keg rentals.
  • Yes, a simple hand pump is included in the cost of the rental. If the equipment is not returned within three days a charge of $10 per day applies.
  • Did we mention you need to call us first? Oh, just checking!