Our Story


THE HISTORY OF WILD ROSE so far or why the world can't have our beer.

Did you know Alberta has a motto? It’s “Strong and Free.”

Now that is a bold motto worth toasting.

That’s the spirit we’ve been instilling into Wild Rose since 1996, when we launched our brewery to free ourselves from the tyranny of boring beer.

We make delicious beer in small batches, craft brewed with natural ingredients and the spirit that makes Alberta wild, strong and free.

Problem is, there isn’t enough to go around. Very popular stuff.

Even with the larger brewery, we’re guarding the supply, so you can only get it in Alberta (too bad rest of the world).

So if you have a wild side that needs to be satisfied, an independent spirit that thirsts for something different - and you’re in Alberta - then it’s time you explored the wild frontier of beer.




Meet the talented people who brew the beer at Wild Rose, the intrepid explorers keeping our brewery the wildest craft brewery in Alberta.


  • brewer1

    Brian Smith

    Director of Brewery Operations

    Said to have carbonated blood infused with hints of citrus, this man knows beer thanks to crafting thousands of batches for independent brewers before taking the reins at Wild Rose.

  • brewer2

    Manabu Kamoda

    Brewing and Cellaring Manager

    Water turns to beer in his presence. Married with two young daughters, when not brewing Manabu enjoys golf and cheering for the Seattle Mariners.

  • jonas hurtig

    Jonas Hurtig


    He’s new. He’s passionate. He’s an optimist. Our newest brewer, Jonas dreams of a day when he unwittingly sits next to a stranger who’s ordered his beer and overhears their compliments.

  • brewer4

    Tomofumi Kamiike


    After spending time learning his craft in Germany, it is rumoured there is a movement afoot to change the name of Oktoberfest to Tomofumifest. In addition to brewing he is in charge of cellaring duties.

  • brewer3

    Mark Kerrigan


    Mark heads our innovation program at our Currie Barracks location.Hops have been known to double in flavour when he walks into a room. Also an avid music lover, Mark hosts a radio show on CJSW.

  • brewer6

    Phil Paul


    Grew up in Alberta, he’s a true Albertan at heart. In his spare time dedicates his time to visiting pubs around Calgary. Now, that’s dedication for you, always working!