Couple of things you need to know about our beer.

First, it's delicious craft beer, single batch brewed with all natural ingredients, and a dash of Alberta attitude – wild, strong and free. It's pure Alberta, from the spirit to the ingredients.

Second, our brewers are very good at what they do. So good, they are the ones who decide what gets brewed. It's just good sense.

This seems to be working out pretty well. Now having our larger brewery open we are able to brew you more delicious beer. Our Taproom remains a great spot to visit and was voted best in Calgary 7 years in a row. The Taproom also serves as an innovation centre so our brewers can continue to experiment to make fun, unique beer!

Wild Rose Anthology Variety 12 Pack



Whether it's a long-time favourite or a beer that hasn't been tried before, the Wild Rose Brewery 12 Pack offers what beer enthusiasts love: choice.A 12 pack of 6 different Wild Rose beers - Velvet Fog, Wraspberry Ale, IPA, Electric Avenue, Barracks Brown and the new kettle sour, Cowbell.


We’re wild about creating new recipes and experimenting with unusual flavours. Watch for new seasonal beers every few months.


Some of our beers are only served on tap. Look for these beers on tap at hundreds of fine establishments around Alberta.


Specially crafted for the wild brew enthusiast, the Wild Rose Rare seal is only placed on our most unique & limited creations. Legendary and wild and only here for a short time.